My name is Bethany. I'm a twenty-five year old genderqueer woman that lives in roughly central Wisconsin. I'm a: Potterhead, Ravenpuff, Renegade Time Lady, Sherlockian, and honorary member of Team Free Will.

Doctor Who "What Do They Stand for Survey Masterpost

Timeturninglady is my primary blog. If you have a book blog, mori, nature, occult, spiritual, or writing blog, you may want to check out bibliophilicwitch. I also have Morpheus (e-shrine), and nevermore-littleraven (alternate interests).

This is a multi-fandom blog - primarily of the fandoms listed by the scarves above (I want to add Disney) – with the occasional appearances of others depending on my mood and the status of my Dash. This isn't a quality blog filled with artistic stills, beautiful fanart, or studding manips, though these items will invariably find their way onto the blog. What you will see most often are those things along with gifsets and other miscellany with fan commentary that I agree with, find interesting, or was simply worth sharing. This blog is, quite literally, all about me fangirlling. I hope you come join me.
Click on the fandom scarves to be directed to the related tags on my blog!

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