My name is Bethany. I'm a twenty-four year old genderqueer woman that lives in roughly central Wisconsin. I'm a: Potterhead, Ravenpuff, Renegade Time Lady, Sherlockian, and honorary member of Team Free Will.

Doctor Who "What Do They Stand for Survey Masterpost

Timeturninglady is my primary blog. I have multiple sideblogs including bibliophilicwitch (personal/spiritual), Morpheus (e-shrine), and nevermore-littleraven (alternate interests).

This is a multi-fandom blog - primarily of the fandoms listed by the scarves above (I want to add Disney) – with the occasional appearances of others depending on my mood and the status of my Dash. This isn't a quality blog filled with artistic stills, beautiful fanart, or studding manips, though these items will invariably find their way onto the blog. What you will see most often are those things along with gifsets and other miscellany with fan commentary that I agree with, find interesting, or was simply worth sharing. This blog is, quite literally, all about me fangirlling. I hope you come join me.
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My Cealdish money has arrived. I’m all set for The University in (well, near) Imre!


My Cealdish money has arrived. I’m all set for The University in (well, near) Imre!

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giggle at the ghosties!


giggle at the ghosties!

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#comics #captain america #i love how the love on tumblr has helped me see more of cap than just what we see in the movies #it's helped me to understand more of his character and to really love and appreciate him #as much as i love x-men for introducing me to comics #as much as i love iron man because who doesn't love a sassy genius #captain america is simply a brilliant character
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Never ever forget that






-Steve Rogers was raised by an Irish-catholic single mom in New York in the Depression era -Steve Rogers grew up with a ton of disabilities -Steve Rogers had an apartment in an incredibly gay section of New York -Steve Rogers was a fine arts student -Steve Rogers completely missed the Red Scare, McCarthyism, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, etc. -Steve Rogers was written by two Jewish guys -Steve Rogers had a gay best friend and did not consider his love to be any less valid or less real -Steve Rogers worked with Japanese-American and black soldiers in, again, the Second World War -Steve Rogers was just in a movie about how utterly fucked up the military-industrial complex is Basically if your Steve Rogers is a conservative commie-hating uberChristian who would be at home in a racist southern church, you’re doing something wrong.

this is why Mark Millar is trash and his interpretation of Steve should never be considered canon ever :)

I just need to reblog this one more time and drown in it.

I’m reblogging this on this blog because I feel this on a spiritual level.

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I won a 4th Doctor’s Scarf from my bestie for my birthday (wich is next month but she gave it to me now so I could wear it on my trip :3 )


I won a 4th Doctor’s Scarf from my bestie for my birthday (wich is next month but she gave it to me now so I could wear it on my trip :3 )

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diagon alley + shops.

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Captain America Deleted Scene: Bucky at War

#hey ho lemme whisper at you a thing #bucky did not want to go to war #steve did #bucky realized that steve needed him at home more than the world needed him at war #but the world never sees things that way #so he was drafted #but because steve tried so hard time and again to enlist #he couldn’t tell that scrappy little punk he hadn’t joined up voluntarily because it would crush him #so he lied #and it’s one of those lies he tells steve #because he has to lie to protect him #and he goes overseas because running away isn’t an option because steve would never run with him and would never forgive him for running #even if he’d do it so that steve always had someone to look out for him #and from the minute he steps foot on the battlegrounds #he’s afraid #because steve wanted this and all he can think is how he’s not sure he can survive it #so how could that little pipsqueak who weighed 90lbs soaking wet survive over here #and the deeper he gets #the more he sees #the more he’s afraid he won’t make it home #and he never found someone to look after steve #and who’s going to take care of him now? #the cocky kid from brooklyn can kick a bully’s ass for picking on the little guy no problem #but how do you kick the ass of an unstoppable force? #the closer and closer he gets to the thick of things #the more he worries #because steve is going to be alone in the world #and he made a promise #he promised him ‘til the end of the line’ but their lines were supposed to end together #not like this #and when he’s captured with the 107th bucky’s first thought and last lucid thoughts are for steve #and he finds himself praying to a god he stopped believing in a long time ago and lost even more faith in when he got to the war #praying that if he’d done any good in his life that it be enough to ask one favour #that god send someone to look after steve when he’s gone #becuse he’s not going home and the punk needs someone to watch over him

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